Graduate Program in Policy Studies

While in the second-half of the 20th Century Japan exhibited a rapid rise in economic development earning a seat at the table with other advanced economies, but with the burst of the bubble economy has found itself mired in an economic quagmire crushing national and regional finances and having a major impact on the political system. Looking at the rest of the world from the close of the 20th Century on one sees violent changes in existing structures with extreme levels of international competition as the economies of the world unite. These trends of globalization are driving revolutions in systems in Japan from politics to administration, finance and so on.

This program is designed to raise up problem-solving researchers with academic research abilities and expert private sector specialists able to propose and implement practical solutions to international issues, national issues, and the environmental issues that affect both in order to establish a sustainable society based on integrated foundational studies in social sciences.

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Doctoral Course First Term

Doctoral Course Second Term