Graduate Program in Economics

The study of economics is rapidly changing as worldwide economies globalize, economic structures are fundamentally transformed, and new ideas are developed around resource-based energy production and potential for long-term sustainability. There is a growing need for experts with the ability to analyze these changes and make correct judgments about trends in society as well as those that are able to play a guiding role with a deep academic knowledge and finely-honed research skills.

This post-graduate program in Economics has responded to the needs of society for professional development and seeks to foster people able to contribute at a high level to their workplace and local society by stretching their specialized knowledge and applied research skills in many areas of economic studies including those seeking high-level work using analytical skills and specialist knowledge, those seeking to advance their career, and those that want to become accountants and professionals desiring a greater understanding of this fascinating subject.

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Doctoral Course First Term

Doctoral Course Second Term