Graduate Program in Legal Practice

From a desire to nurture legal professionals based upon the philosophy, “For Human Dignity,” Nanzan University’s Graduate Program in Legal Practice seeks candidates who have a strong interest in the vectors of social trends as well as a serious regard for human rights and freedom within our modern society. The program maintains a fair admissions process that reflects these views, and we welcome candidates with various kinds of work experience and achievements.

Features of the Program

The curriculum is structured so that students develop qualities and skills that equip them for a legal profession, while at the same time learning the practical aspects of law. Classes include “Subjects in Human Dignity,” in which students conduct multifaceted investigations into the law and human dignity, “Subjects in Development and Innovations,” and the more academic field of “Society and Human Rights,” in which we emphasize the standpoint of citizens and workers while making a point of including those in more vulnerable positions in society. “Subjects in Development and Innovations” includes such classes as “Household/Juvenile Issues and the Law,” “Medicine and the Law,” “Consumer Law,” and “Domiciles and the Law.”

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