Graduate Program in International Area Studies

The aim of the Graduate Program in International Area Studies is to equip students with an advanced command of languages to enable them to achieve a multicultural coexistence and to encourage mutual understanding and exchange with Japan. To this end, students are able to study three regions of the world: the United States, Spain and Latin America, and Japan and Asia. Internships with international exchange organizations, NGOs, and NPOs are also incorporated to help students pursue an interdisciplinary and pluralistic approach to attaining a cross-cultural understanding and perception of how coexisting societies should be, based upon a deep scholarly appreciation of the different regions of the world.

Features of the Program

The program aims to foster professionals with a global understanding, capable of adapting to continuously changing times and solving the cross-cultural adjustment problems that plague the regions of the world. The program recognizes career opportunities for teachers with concerns for middle and high school level education, in international exchange organizations, as NGO-and NPO-related project managers, or overseas business managers of private companies. Further study opportunities in advanced research and education include organic and collaborative research with Nanzan University’s American and Asian Studies Centers, each of which play central roles in the study of international regional affairs in the Chubu region.

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Doctoral Course First Term

Doctoral Course Second Term