Graduate Program in Linguistic Science

The Graduate Program in Linguistic Science offers a new style of graduate education aimed at contributing to globalization through foreign language study (mainly Japanese and English), and linguistic studies. Linguistic studies focus on grammar theory and language acquisition theory (native language acquisition and second language acquisition), as well as comparing and contrasting Japanese with other languages to enhance students’ understanding of language theory and language acquisition theory. In addition, the program has established a curriculum with classes designed to produce educators with an advanced command of English and Japanese to meet the needs of domestic and international employment, communicational education classes, educational grammar classes, and teaching methods for second-language Japanese or English.

Features of the Program

Faculty members in the graduate program conduct cross-sectional research in the various fields that encompass “linguistics.” In order to respond to the demand for advanced professionals, we offer a variety of different options, such as classroom practicum inside and outside of school, the enhancement of communicational education, and minor degrees (e.g., students focus on linguistics but they choose to minor in Japanese education). By using a flexible learning pattern of Saturday and summer classes our English education content is designed to further strengthen graduate degree studies in such areas. Students may also choose to combine practice with theory through Nanzan University’s Center for Linguistics or Center for Japanese Studies, both of which have received high acclaim within Japan and overseas. Students who wish to further enhance their language abilities and research may participate in our study abroad program.

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Doctoral Course First Term

Doctoral Course Second Term