Graduate Program in Educational Facilitation

Educational Facilitation refers to the aiding and assisting people working in various institutions, for example schools or hospitals, with the aim of employing various tools to facilitate independent learning. From developing educational programs and learning environments to facilitating class and small-group learning, the overall aim of the program is to nurture strong facilitators capable of drawing out the inherent abilities of groups rather than acting as leader figures simply directing group activities.

Features of the Program

With working students who already have experience in a variety of educational fields, as well as with students who wish to enter such fields in the future, using case studies and on-site training, the program engages in research on educational tools and techniques that can be applied in various educational fields. The program offers an evening class system (some classes are offered on Saturdays as well), in order to respond to a wide variety of needs, from foundational research in humans and human relations to applied practice.

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