Graduate Program in Christian Thought

Based on the educational philosophy of Nanzan University, “For Human Dignity,” students of the Graduate Program in Christian Thought study theology, philosophy, and religion from the perspective of Christian thinking in order to meet the demands of pursuing the essence of mankind and contributing to its dignity. The program’s objective is to foster outstanding members of society who will advance into fields such as teaching and specialized research.

Features of the Program

The Graduate Program in Christian Thought encompasses three basic fields of study: theology, philosophy, and religion.

  1. The field of theology is subdivided into three categories: Biblical studies, systematic theology, and the study of other religions from a theological standpoint.
  2. The field of philosophy allows for two courses of study: the study of ancient, medieval and modern philosophy, and the study of Christianity from a cultural and ideological perspective.
  3. The field of religion is divided into the study of Christianity and other religions from historical, philosophical, sociological, psychological, and comparative-theological perspectives with the aim of studying Christianity and other religions’ intrinsic meanings from many different aspects.

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